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AI Video/Production Package

Starting at $15,000

  • Previous packages, plus:

  • Direct/Edit a video with unlimited runtime using footage provided by the client and footage shot by Three Leaf

  • Write a script

    • Work closely with the client (or their marketing team) to ensure the script hits all the right beats​

  • Storyboards presented to the client to show a clear vision for the video

  • Additional AI Tools:

    • 4K quality restoration using Topaz Labs

  • 4 revisions will be provided. Any further revisions will be charged extra $500

  • We will blend already shot footage the client has provided with the footage Three Leaf has filmed as well as generative AI footage and audio

  • Actors will be included to get specific performances that AI actors or voices cannot provide

  • Footage will be color corrected

  • Multiple versions of videos will be created for clients to choose from blending production footage and AI footage

  • Production crew will have the option to travel to your company’s location to shoot footage for however many days are required or shoot at a studio in NYC (travel and lodging fees apply)

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