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AI Video Package

Starting at $5,000

  • Edit a 1-2 minute video using the footage and script provided by the client plus added generative AI footage​

  • Audio and Visual AI tools will be implemented into the footage to make the finished product look and feel professional, including (HD quality restoration, VFX, sound editing)

    • AI Tools:

      • Eleven Labs 

      • Pika

      • Runway 

      • Mid-Journey

      • Topaz Labs


      • Haiper

      • Kaiber

      • Cuebric

      • SoundRaw

  • 2 revisions will be provided 

    • Any further revisions will be charged $500 extra per revision

  • Original score

  • Any still imagery can be edited or altered to your liking with the use of AI

  • 5 business day delivery

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